Ponderosa Point

Here, you are essentially on a private peninsula that juts out onto one of the Okanagan’s most inspired landscapes.

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319 Ponderosa Avenue
Kaleden, BC    V0H 1K0
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Phone Number: (250) 497-5354

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Ponderosa Point exists in its own unique world – a little bit retro with it’s A frame and pan abode cabins tucked away among giant Ponderosa Pines. Here, you are essentially on a private peninsula that juts out onto one of the Okanagan’s most inspired landscapes – far away from the urban habits of checking your watch and cel phone for fear you might “miss something.”

The nearby Kettle Valley Railway adds a heritage flavour – a throwback to a time when families took their holidays year after year in the same place – where people met and became lifelong friends in the Okanagan.

At Ponderosa Point, I’ve photographed weddings on several of the lush green lawns with Okanagan Lake and it’s rich toned mountains as a background. Creative portraits are easy to come by here because the location itself makes everyone relaxed and happy. Pristine beaches along Okanagan Lake make for a perfect setting for wedding photography.

I’ve photographed wedding couples and family portraits on various motor and paddle boats. The dock at Ponderosa Point is perfect for this. You can either plan for a barbecue on site or venture into the quiet town of Kaleden for dinner at the historical 1912 Restaurant.

I’ve met couples the year after their wedding at Ponderosa point for their anniversary and again for a family reunion – all of which I was the photographer – a testament to the fact that once you come here, you’ll make Ponderosa Point part of your life’s fabric.

Here is some of my wedding photography at Ponderosa Point and some of the creative photo sessions I’ve done in Kaleden around the old 1912 Hotel which is across the road from the 1912 Restaurant.


  • www.ponderosapoint.com
  • www.flambecatering.com

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