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As a wedding photographer, my eccentricities come to life every time I visit God’s Mountain. This is a place that’s full of surprises around every corner. From an array of unusual antiques to the natural vineyard & lake views in every direction, this place will take your breath away.

I love photographing wedding ceremonies here – the sun often flares in the trees behind the stone altar, giving my pictures a lofty feeling. But even before any of the formalities, I often get a chance to photograph couples getting in either the topless patio – the room with the greatest perspective in the Okanagan.

For your wedding photography, I can take you the mile – to the top of the hill above the villa with an overview that tops it all. Please wear good shoes because the climb (actually, it’s just a steep-ish walk) through the waving grass & ponderosa pines is worth every step.

I’ve enjoyed doing engagement photography here too – it’s a really romantic place for couples to take it all in. Forget I’m there behind the camera. Enjoy the day to it’s fullest.

The Okanagan has many secrets for wedding photography – this one is now out of the bag!

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