Burrowing Owl

Okanagan winery resort  – a full service wedding photography experience.

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100 Burrowing Owl Place
Oliver, BC    V0H 1T0
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Phone Number: 1-877-498-0620


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From the bell tower at Burrowing Owl Estate Winery, you can see for miles (kilometres if you’re Canadian). Sweeping vineyards intermingle with the unique natural desert habitat of the South Okanagan. Fruitlands around Oliver create contour off in the distance as the hills to the west add a bluish hue as the sun sets.

Below, a clear blue pool surrounded by adobe-style villas is the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony. Later on, step into the Sonora Room Restaurant on site for some of the best food in the Okanagan – and views to match. From the spectacular honeymoon suite, I can capture the anticipation of your wedding day-to-come.

Between your wedding ceremony & reception, I can take you for photography to a few of my secret locations nearby. I guarantee you won’t forget the experience of photography around the old heritage buildings of the Haynes Reserve or a walk along Black Sage Road into the infinite colour of any season.

Wedding photography atop the bellower of Burrowing Owl is simply breathtaking. Up top, there is 360 degrees of creative possibility. This is not a place for with weak knee’d but I suspect you’d be game for making the extra effort for exceptional photographs.

Yes, there are rattlesnakes out in the South Okanagan desert around Burrowing Owl Estate Winery- “Jumping Cactus” too. But as a former nature guide, I’ll steer you in the right direction. And no, you won’t get bitten (or spiked)! Snakes only come out at dawn & dusk. Jumping Cactus is a glorified name for Prickly Pear – they only hop onto those who can’t behave! Stay on the trail and stay with me and you’re good.

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