Wedding Photography at Sparkling Hill really shines!

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Wedding photography was a collaborative effort this past weekend with Amy (the bride) suggesting a bus limo tour of some of her favourite Okanagan venues. I usually take location scouting fairly seriously but, heck, Amy being a creative girl, I thought, “Let her take the reins – I’m good at improvising!”

Our tour began with photography around Predator Ridge. I discovered throughout the day that Amy has a love of natural rock walls, so naturally, we stopped at – you guessed it – a rock wall. The light was just right and we were able to make some elegant portraits of her & Ryan and some fun group shots of the wedding party. Very nice choice, Amy!

Our next stop was at the Predator Ridge entrance which was full of flowers. The automatic sprinklers came on when we got too close – so don’t go thinking you’re going to climb the Predator Ridge sign any time soon! A sweeping vista of the golf course made for  some quintessential Okanagan photography.

Onward to 50th Parallel Estate Winery where the wedding party tested some of the finest Okanagan wines. We were given permission to step into the vineyard for some beautiful views of Okanagan Lake. I have to say, Okanagan wedding photography seldom gets any better on a day like this!Here’s a link to 50th Parallel Estate winery:

The final leg of our wedding photography tour took us full circle back to Sparkling Hill Resort. How can you lose with so much bling! My goal was to keep the shimmer subtle yet integral. I think we pulled it off, especially with some portable studio lighting. Nice work on the light stick, Nick! I aimed for some formal-ish portraiture mixed with a few more extreme angles to show off the angular architecture of Sparkling Hill.

The wedding took place at Sparkling Hill under a perfectly blue sky. My assistant Nick was able to get a few wedding photographs from an aerial perspective while I was down at ground level on the balcony. Again, nice work, Nick! Congrats were aplenty before a boisterous entry to the wedding reception led by the voice of DJ Dwayne of Dwayne Mollin Music. He had everyone waving white napkins and cheering as he made intros of the wedding couple. Check out the mosh pit-style dance off pics of the bride and groom being shouldered by a an enthusiastic crowd.

Here’s a link to Dwayne Mollin – he sure knows how to get people up and dancing!

Before I sign off, I’d like to say thanks to Amy, Ryan and their fantastic wedding party for creating an Okanagan wedding photography experience worth a lifetime of memories at Predator Ridge, 50th Parallel and Sparkling Hill Resort. And nice work on the light stick, nick! 12